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At MVP the traditional high school schedule of 8:00 to 3:30 is a thing of the past.   All high school students have a modified schedule. Students may spend one or more periods on campus a day.  College classes will be offered on MVP's campus and at Spartanburg Community College.



7th and 8th Grade Sample Schedule

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7th Grade Schedule.jpg
8th Grade Schedule.jpg

9th and 10th Without Dual Enrollment

4 Core Courses

1 CATE Per Semester

1 Online Course.


Students have a modified schedule that may begin as early as 7:45 and last until 2:20, depending on the registered courses. Courses on campus consist of a maximum of 4 hours a day. Students with time between classes can attend the study room. 

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9th Grade Schedule for Posting.jpg
10th Grade without Dual Enrollment.jpg

10th with Dual Enrollment
th and 12th Grade Schedule 

Students will take 4 college classes, one CATE course per semester and one online course. All students will have a modified schedule beginning at any point during the day but will be done by 2:20pm. Schedules depend on classtimes set by Spartanburg Community College.

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10th with dual enrollment.jpg
College Library
11th and 12th sample schedule.jpg
Students Buying Colorful Papers
Students Sitting on Staircase

2024-25 School Calendar

2024-25 Academic Calendar.png
Serving Grades 7-12
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