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MVP is partnering with Spartanburg Community College to provide students with up to 60 college credits while in high school.

Spartanburg Community College

Qualifying Juniors and Seniors will carry a full load (12 hours) of college courses each semester.  These classes will be provided at SCC's campus.  Sophomores will take two classes per semester on the MVP campus.

Please watch this 2 minute video to explain the SCC/MVP partnership.

Examples of Courses 
Final Courses will be selected in the Spring based on student needs.


  • English 101 & 102


  • College Algebra MAT 110

  • College Stats MAT 120

Social Studies

  • Intro to Sociology SOC 101

  • Western Civilization HIS 102

  • Psychology PSY 201


  • Biology 101

  • Anatomy BIO 112


  • Spanish 101 

  • American Sign Language ASL 101 & 102


Computer Science

  • Intro to Computers CPT170

  • Programming Logic & Design CPT 168


Fine Arts

  • Music Appreciation MUS 105

  • Intro to Art Appreciation ARTH 101

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Serving Grades 7-12
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