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T2 Charters

T2 Charters serves as the Educational Management Organization (EMO) for MVP.  An EMO provides academic models, operational services, human resources and financial services to the board of the school.  


Traci Bryant-Riches

Traci Bryant-Riches, partner in T2 Charters and owner of Avia Charters currently has contracts with several schools to provide management services, school opening services, bond due diligence and general consulting. These schools include Coastal Leadership Academy, East Link Academy, Goucher Academy, Global Academy SC, and Fine Arts Prep. Traci has worked with many other charter schools since creating her own charter business, AVIA Charters. Traci has a wealth of experience in the charter school world formerly serving as the Director of Charter Initiatives at the SCPCSD as well as the Director of Federal Programs. Before taking a position at the SCPCSD, she worked for the SC Department of Education as an Education Associate for the Office of Special Education. Traci served as the Director of Accountability and New School Development for Pinnacle Charter Academies opening Oceanside Collegiate Academy, a dual credit high school and writing the application for Legion Collegiate Academy, before leaving to establish AVIA Charters. When Limestone University decided to become a charter school sponsor, its board members contracted with Avia Charters to put Traci’s experience with both statewide sponsors to effective use to create Limestone Charters Association. Traci’s goal with T2 Charters is to create multiple schools in South and North Carolina using the sports and entertainment industry model. She holds two B.A.s from the University of Tennessee, an M.Ed. from Auburn University and post master’s hours from LSU. Prior to joining charter school world, she worked for higher education institutions and nonprofits that promote women’s equality.

Todd Helms

Todd Helms is a partner in T2 Charters. Before joining the charter school world, Todd founded Gray Military Academy now called Palmetto Prep Academy. He also co-founded Gray Collegiate, Oceanside Collegiate and Legion Collegiate Academies. All 9-12 grade public charter high schools. Most recently, Mr. Helms contracted with Limestone University to found Limestone Charter Association, a statewide public charter school sponsor. To begin his charter school career, Todd served as Executive Director at Gray Collegiate in the first two years of the school. He progressed to fill several positions with Gray’s education management organization, Pinnacle Charter Academies including Director of Operations, Director of Communications & Governmental Affairs and Director of Athletics & New School Development. He coached high school and college football for 25 years and served in the SC Army National Guard and US Army Reserves before retiring in 2010 as a Lieutenant Colonel after six deployments and 27 years of service. Helms also was elected and served on the Lexington School District Two Board of Trustees from 2000-2004. 

Serving Grades 7-12
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