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Career and Technical Education 

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Art Audio Visual Arts

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Health Science

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Art Audio Visual Arts

Digital Art and Design Completer


     Digital Art and Design 1-4

     Adobe Certified Associate–Print & Digital Media Publication with Adobe InDesign


Pathway Projects:

       1st year: Promotion Print Design i.e., event flyers, newsletters, profiles of student athletes

       2nd year: Student team assignment for college recruiting

       3rd year: Student management of MVP Print Department team leaders for 1st & 2nd years

       4th year: Internship –Off campus

Graphic Communications Completer


         Into to Graphic Communications

         Graphic Communications 1-4

         Adobe Certified Associate - Graphic Design & Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

Pathway Projects:

          1st year: Promotion website design and social media for student athlete

          2nd year: Student team assign. website & social media design for college recruiting

          3rd year: Student management of MVP graphic design department

          4th year: Internship- Off campus


Media Technology- Completer


          Media Technology 1-4

          Adobe Certified Associate-Video Communication with Adobe Premiere Pro

Pathway Projects:

           1st year: School news team plan, videographer, photographer

           2nd year: Production of MVP Network

           3rd year:  Broadcaster and lead technical management for MVP Network

           4th year: Internship on campus lead management of MVP Network

Fashion Design -Visual Arts Completer


            Fashion Design and Apparel Construction 1

            Fashion Design and Apparel Construction 2

            Fashion Fabric and Design 1

            Work Based Learning

             Precision exam: Apparel Design & Production I or II

Pathway Projects:

            1st year: Team uniform design

            2nd year: Personal fashion design

            3rd year: Staff member for fashion show production

            4th year: Internship-Off Campus

Graphic Designer
Fashion Designer in Studio


Sports & Entertainment Management-Marketing Management Completer


    Sports and Entertainment Marketing    

     Sports and Entertainment Management

     Prerequisite Marketing


     Certified Associate in Project Management

Pathway Projects:

     1st year: Team marketing plan

     2nd year: Student athlete marketing plan

     3rd year: Event management coordination

     4th year: Event management Director, events will also include nonathletic.


Business Management and Admin -Business Information Management Completer


     Fundamentals of Business

     Marketing and Finance, Virtual Enterprise 1 & 2

Pathway Projects:

     1st year: Social media and promotional design

     2nd year: Sales product digital design

     3rd year: Lead for fundraiser of product

     4th year: Internship

Leg Injury

Health Science

Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer Completer


     Sports Medicine 1-3


Pathway Projects 

     1st year: Athletic training room design

     2nd year: Athletic training job shadowing

     3rd year: Athletic training internship

     4th year: Lead student athletic trainer

Serving Grades 7-12
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